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Transform yourself into a better personality [Part2]

March 7, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


In the first part of this post we shared personality development tips, today we will continue with the same topic and talk about rest of it. Work Out For achieving good personality your outer appearance equally matters, by keep yourself fit you not only look impressive but also set an example as a well planned […]


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Transform yourself into a better personality[Part1]

March 4, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


An individual’s thinking, feeling and behavior make a unique personality. When we laud someone for the better personality, we mean that they are likable, Interesting and pleasant to be with. Everyone of us desires to be center of attraction and wants to set an example infront of others. We can work on our looks only […]


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Write an impressive cover letter

February 28, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Covering letter is a key part of job application to the prospective employer. It is equally important as your cv is.  An impressive cover letter can open the door to a job interview. Many candidates directly send their CV to the employer as they fail to write one. But it actually adds value to the […]


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Showcase your personality in group discussion (GD)

February 25, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Group discussion is another stage of campus recruitment process, where your communication skills, confidence, knowledge and leadership qualities are judged by recruitment panel. For a successful group discussion it is important to be well prepared in advance. Today we are highlighting some useful points which will help you to get through a group discussion successfully. […]


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How to perform well in campus recruitment

February 13, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Campus recruitment is a competitive placement program conducted within the educational institutes and which is equally important for both companies and candidates. Where companies come to find the best workforce, on the other hand it is a life time opportunity for every deserving candidate. Cracking a campus Interview is not a child’s play. All it […]


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Are you ready for the HR round?

February 11, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Congratulations after clearing 2-3 rounds of Job Interview finally you have reached to the HR round most important and crucial around which will decide whether you are in or out. So are you ready to face the challenge? If you are still not prepared and don’t know how to start answering questions in HR round then […]


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Get through a successful video job Interview

February 7, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Video Interviews have become common these days, as hiring becomes more global. Interview through video is the most cost effective, it has several advantages. For recruiters and hiring managers it is the easiest way to conduct first round quickly. Video Interview is for all levels from freshers to experienced professionals, for many employers and recruiters […]


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Get through a successful telephonic Interview

February 4, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Telephonic interview is an initial process which helps interviewer to select best qualified candidates for Job opportunities. So this is important to make a good impression to get through the next level.  Following tips will help you to know do’s and dont’s during telephonic Interview. Telephonic Interview Do’s The first thing to do before your […]


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How to bring yourself to the Job Interview

January 31, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


Your cloths and Entire look make the first impression on a potential employer during your Job Interview. At first glance interviewer gets the idea of an individual’s personality. The way you carry yourself, cloths and entire look define your personality.  This is important to dress professionally regardless of the work environment. Here are some ideas […]


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Find the right path of your career

January 27, 2014 - Blogs, Consultant


In this competitive scenario, no one wants to lag behind any, and when it comes to career and job opportunities then most of us already set our goals or future plans and start working on it . But how about those youngsters who are in muddle and have no choices with them.  This is a […]


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