Price Is Only the Start. Here’s What Matters When You’re Choosing an Offshore IT Solutions Provider

by Evolutyz Corp on March 2, 2021 in offshoring


Cost reduction is often the principal reason businesses offshore their next IT project, but it should never be the final word when choosing a vendor. Just like discount dentistry or used cars purchases, prioritizing low costs over everything else can end in catastrophe – and more expensive fixes down the road.

So, what should you consider to ensure that you choose the right offshore IT solutions provider? Some advocate choosing big name-brand providers, but is more of a hit-or-miss approach than you’d imagine. Instead, ask these four questions as you evaluate an IT solutions provider to determine if they can provide the necessary ROI that your business demands.

Do They Work to Integrate with Your Business?

Whether it’s setting up enterprise security services or overcoming cloud migration challenges, your offshore partner needs to think about and act upon your strategic vision. Even a provider’s proven IT processes should not be so inflexible that they ignore your actual needs in favor of a fixed adherence to in-house habits or methodology. Adaptability is what separates mere vendors from true partners.

If you’re unclear of the signs that an offshore IT solutions provider will invest in your success and take their partnership seriously, look for these indicators early in the review process:

      • They demonstrate an understanding of your goals and how their IT solutions can advance them.
      • They strive to learn your company culture to set the right tone and meet your expectations.
      • Their executive leadership is available to you, boosting your results with their strategic insight.


As Harvard Business Review notes, more companies are rethinking their traditional approach to vendor relationships and treating them like employees. As a result, it’s important that any business you choose to work with takes their role and commitment to you seriously.

Do They Value Innovation?

The market has moved beyond the point where IT projects are just another utilitarian tool, like virtual file cabinets or desks. The best technical solutions are transformative. They expand your revenue, enhance your operations, and help you scale for future challenges. Unless your offshore partner is willing to push their own boundaries, you’ll end up with myopic solutions that barely see down the road, let alone over the horizon.

Unlike other outsourcing options, the whole purpose of offshoring IT solutions is to harness cost-effective innovation. More than just support or status quo outputs, a true partner should highlight how their work can revamp your business. A strong portfolio with digital transformation solutions, predictive data science, or DevOps transformation can show their passion for revolutionizing the way business is done. If you’re looking for further signs of an innovative partner, check out our tech trends of 2021 to see how they measure up.

Keep in mind that when you are working with a partner, their curiosity should always shine through. That’s why at Evolutyz, we hire people who are passionate about technological innovation, staying current with the latest breakthroughs and use cases. As a result, we get solutions that stand out from the competition.

Are Their Teams Exclusive to Your Project?

Exclusivity is a huge consideration for offshore IT. One of the major complaints that we hear from prospects when they talk about their bad experiences with large outsourcers is they share technical resources across accounts. Workers jump back and forth between different projects, slowing down the delivery process and extending the adjustment phase to your business.

This type of operating model can contribute to economies of scale for the offshore business, but that doesn’t always translate to better results for you. Also, partnerships and integration with your team can weaken when your IT project team’s attention is diverted across accounts.

Our offshore delivery model opts to leverage our people in a better way. Each team is 100% dedicated to one project and one project alone for the duration of arrangement. That way, your requests are always the most urgent thing on the plate of our offshore teams. When new challenges or hurdles arise, you know that our IT consultants will be responsive to your needs rather than just throwing your pressing concerns into a collective queue.

Are They Paying Their People Well?

Some offshore executives treat their business like a steel foundry, putting their workforce under high pressure to yield a durable and robust end product for clients. In short order, these organizations can deliver short-term results, but they burn through their workforce in the process, creating high attrition and variable levels of quality. Depending on when you approach them, you might receive results that fall short of their promises.

We treat our people as more than just raw materials to use up. The average salaries for our offshore resources is 30% to 40% more than the market average. In addition to higher compensation, we supplement our people’s wellbeing and general happiness by providing a generous benefits program and ongoing employee engagement. Even billion dollar companies neglect to do this for their offshore teams.

These actions allows Evolutyz to retain top people, creating continuity across our services and enabling us to build in-house expertise across a variety of complex and scarce technical disciplines. The results? For almost five years, our turnover rates has been less than 2%, well below the average 38% to 40% attrition rate of other Indian IT solutions providers.

Ready to start choosing an offshore IT solutions provider? Reach out to our team to find out how Evolutyz can innovate together.


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