Author: Raghav Hunasgi

How did we build an employee-centric company?

September 2, 2022 - Generic


People are happiest when they’re able to find balance in their lives. That’s why employee well-being has become an important topic for companies looking to retain their best workers, encourage loyalty, and reduce turnover. An employee’s well-being is directly related to their job performance, general satisfaction with life, and willingness to stay with a company […]


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Five Reasons why Digital Transformation is Essential for your Business Growth

November 26, 2019 - Generic


Businesses use technologies to extract the possibilities, efficiency gains, and customer engagement for better business opportunities. But many small and big companies fail to understand the necessary change and existing practices that are outdated. Digital Transformation is beyond technological change that works as a set of standards to ensure you’re not missing anything that could […]


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How should a Small Business respond to Cyber Attacks?

October 9, 2019 - Business Intelligence


Digital transformation is setting a new standard for businesses heading towards new digital space to tackle the real-world challenges to seek new business opportunities. Also, it’s not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about adopting security measures too. As per the Hiscox report conducted in 2018, small businesses have faced an average annual cost of […]


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How DevOps and Cloud together can help businesses?

September 23, 2019 - Generic


“The right approach, methodologies and appropriate implementation of DevOps and Cloud together can make a huge impact and drive meaningful business transformation.” In today’s world of digital transformation, if you want to enhance the competitiveness of your business, you need the right combination of technologies and practices in place. To achieve this, companies are leveraging […]


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